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Four Days to Find a Bride
November 1, 2006Posted By weddings
Weddings : Wedding News
Florin Mazilu of South Eastern Romania was dumped by his fiance four days prior to his wedding day. Interestingly, he decided to move forward with the wedding – with or without her! He spread word through his hometown that he would marry any girl who would fit both in the wedding dress and the wedding ring.

You might think that sounds a little bit desperate. You might also think that nobody would take him seriously. You would be wrong. Apparently, Mr. Mazilu is quite a catch and had dozens of women come to get sized up.

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Same Sex Marriage Ruling in New Jersey
October 25, 2006Posted By weddings
Weddings : Wedding News
The New Jersey Supreme Court has issued a 4-3 ruling allowing same sex marriages.

The plaintiffs in the case were 7 same-sex couples who have been together for at least 10 years. They sued on the basis that they wanted the legal, financial, and social benefits that marriage provides.

Victory in the case was handed to the state initially, without trial. A lower appelate court upheld the decision with a split ruling stating that only the legislature has the power to grant same-sex marriages. These rulings made their way to the Supreme Court via appeal, by virtue of the split decision made by the lower court.

There is question as to whether this ruling actually means that all same-sex couples can get married, and if so, when. Similar rulings across the country have been shot down by higher courts or legislative efforts, but this is the first ruling made by a State Supreme Court favoring same-sex marriages.

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False Alarm, Wedding Engagement Never Happened
July 26, 2006Posted By marriage
Weddings : Weddings
Sorry for the mis-information the other day about the wedding, but it was reported at www.abc.com, so you would think it was pretty valid and confirmed. However, as reported at MSNBC, there will be no wedding after all. Apparently some of the confusion came from Tommy Lee confirming reports that there would be wedding bells soon.

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Pam Anderson and Kid Rock Wedding is On
July 24, 2006Posted By marriage
Weddings : Weddings
Pam Anderson to have a wedding with Kid Rock! Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, first became engaged in Las Vegas in April of 2002. They never set a date for the wedding and by the following year the wedding was off and so was the relationship. According to www.abc.com, the marriage bells will ring this time.

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